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   What are the advantages of using KBSsms.com?

SMS is much more likely to be read by a person at any one time, since the majority of people have their mobile phones at arm's reach 24 hours a day.

SMS message is automatically stored where it can be re0read. This proves particularly useful in the case of fairly detailed information that might be otherwise forgotten.

SMS is far cheaper than a phone call yet in most instances you will convey just as much information as you would have if you have called.

SMS messages to your potential customers' mobile phones is one of the more successful ways of informing them of an event, promotion or special offer. Unlike any other method of advertising the message can reach them within a few minutes and you know that it has reached every person in your target group.

SMS to anywhere in a few seconds

KBSsms.com browse our friendly user website, login using your username and password, type your SMS in English, French or Arabic, load your contact with many friendly ways and methods & click on SEND SMS to push your queue of SMS to thousands of people in seconds.

  • Large, Fast and Quick SMS Delivery
  • Global Network
  • 24/7 Support
  • No setup charge
  • No Hidden Cost
  • VAT Included


 Why KBSsms?

KBSsms.com means UNLIMITED COMMUNICATIONS that enable companies, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, municipalities, political parties, schools, universities, factories and many more to communicate in real-time with their customers or contact lists anytime, anywhere by pushing information to their mobile phones.

Joseph Zl Neon

"I am sending all my monthly offers, through KBSsms, sales inceased 25% versus last year"

- Joseph Zl Neon

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